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What I learned at Standing Rock

I spent the week of November 21 through November 27 at the Oceti Sakowin camp, at Cannonball, North Dakota supporting the Sioux Water Protectors. These are the first three of my reflections on that visit. We left North Dakota with a blizzard on our heels. I was sad to leave but grateful to be home. I miss the beauty, generosity and spirit that I found there.

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Giving Thanks and Taking Responsibility

I wanted to write a light and cheery post about gratitude before Thanksgiving.  But so much has changed recently that light and cheery doesn’t cut it anymore.  Instead I need to write about truth, integrity, action.  Yoga teaches us to live in integrity.  Three of the primary values eschewed in the Yoga Sutras are: ahimsa: non-violence, satya, truthfulness, and asteya: non-grasping.  The primary lesson of the Bhagavad Gita is Selfless Action: do you your dharma, your calling, and let go of the results of your actions.

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